Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents – An Interview with Flint Adam

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I love seeing other industries using video in new and different ways. That’s why I’m happy to bring you this interview with Flint Adam.

Flint and I go back a bit. Years ago we both worked at WZTV, a local Nashville TV station. Flint was a reporter/meteorologist and I was a video editor. Flint left the world of TV news to become a licensed Realtor. Since then, he’s been using video as a powerful marketing tool within his company Homes Around Nashville.

Flint’s videos are far beyond the typical “home tour” video or cheesy picture slideshow. They are engaging, persuasive, and they sell!

Check out the sample below:


I got a few minutes to sit down and talk to Flint about how he’s been able to use video to grow his real estate business:

Q. What is your title and role with Homes Around Nashville?

Homes Around Nashville is the name of my real estate team. I work alongside my in-laws within the RealtyTrust Residential brokerage in Brentwood, TN. My real estate title is Affiliate-Broker/REALTOR, but within the fabric of our Home Around Nashville team, I also hold a specialized role – I’m the Creative & New Media Director for our marketing efforts. When I joined the team, I immediately took over our online presence – revamping our website, creating social media marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and further developing our brand with logos and slogans.

Q. You’ve been up to a lot since your TV news days. What led you to Real Estate as a “second career”?

TV was a great career in my 20s, but once I hit 30, I began looking at my future with a wider lens. Professionally, I desired new challenges and greater control over my career. Personally, I wanted more flexibility in my schedule and the opportunity to see more of my family. Real Estate fits because it’s an exciting industry that satisfies those desires, while still allowing me to interact with people and make a difference in their lives. Making it even better is that I’ve developed a niche that allows me to utilize many of my old TV News reporting skills and utilize them in a way that sets me apart from the competition.

Q. Your videos are a little different than your standard “picture slide show” real estate videos. How did you decided what the format for your videos would be?

I knew I had a unique skill to offer real estate – a professional background in videography and story-telling. I also saw a market full of boring, long-winded picture slideshows or lengthy “walk-through” videos that disinterested the audience. While in TV News, I learned the importance of clear, concise presentation. I chose to narrate my videos because it makes the time pass by faster and adds energy to the piece. I also make lots of edits and create interesting shots so the viewer is pulled in. Finally, I aim to keep pieces on the shorter side… around 3 minutes if I can… because that’s about all most viewers can tolerate.

Q. You have a few different “genres” of video. Take us through some of the different videos you create?

My narrated, high-definition video tours are the bread and butter of what I do, but I also utilize video in several other ways. On our Homes Around Nashville YouTube Page, I also have engaging customer testimonial videos, real estate market updates, and local businesses featurettes. I’ll also be adding other community and neighborhood-specific featurettes in the future. All of these pieces are put together like a news piece or maybe a segment on HGTV.

Q. Do you do all the production yourself? Tell us a brief overview of your production process?

I’m a one-man band when it comes to producing my real estate media. My Nikon D7100 DSLR is the workhorse. I use it for my HDR photography of properties, but it also shoots the high-definition video I use. I even record my narration with it, but I will probably upgrade to a better system in the future. In 2013, I bought a top of the line MacBook Pro for all of my video and photo editing. I assemble videos with Final Cut Pro X, and use Photomatix Pro 5 and Adobe Lightroom for all the photo editing. I shoot all my real estate video and photography using a Nikkor 10-24mm wide-angle lens. I’ve got a Glide-Cam HD-1000 that’s used to shoot smooth video walk-throughs, and an antiquated tripod that’s ready to collapse at any moment. I’m looking forward to upgrading that piece.

Q. What kind of impact has video made on your business?

In the short time I’ve been in this industry, my video marketing has already built me a reputation as an innovative and successful listing agent. My marketing has a wow-factor that few other agents can offer, and I win lots of business on it alone. For prospects seeking even more, my overall eMarketing is second to none, and my team’s experience (60+ combined years) and past success (numerous sales awards and happy clients) takes us to the finish line when we are looking to win new business.

Q. Once you make a video, it doesn’t really do much good until people actually see it. How do you drive traffic to your videos?

I drive traffic to the videos through several channels. I host everything on YouTube because A.) it is a search engine unto itself, and B.) it’s a Google property and helps drive Search Engine Optimization. I then embed the videos on our website,, where I focus on driving traffic. I further market our videos on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)… through e-mail… through post card mailers… word of mouth and in-person presentations. Social media is without question the single biggest driver of traffic, and with analytics I can keep track of where my audience is coming from, what they’re looking at, and how long they’re aboard.

Q. How do you see real estate marketing changing in the next 5-7 years? How will Homes Around Nashville keep up the changes?

Real Estate marketing will continue moving online, and the next big horizon is mobile. More and more home buyers each year are browsing homes on their mobile phones and tablets. My team is already using software that allows a potential buyer to view all the information for a home – including photos – just by entering a quick code via a text message on their mobile phone. I believe more information is best for the consumer, and agents who focus their time and effort on providing that to their clients will be a step ahead of the competition. But in the end, this is a relationship business, and my team will always focus on what has kept us successful in the first place – offering the best customer service, guidance, time and energy that we can.


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