Announcing Reparteé, our new web series!

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We’re please to announce Repartee, our brand new web series!

We’ve partnered with digital marketing agency Epps Interactive and marketing consultant and coach Bill Seaver to bring you Reparteé, a web series devoted to understanding the lives and experiences of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Each episode, Bill and two guests will have dinner together and have an in-depth discussion on a business-focused topic. The conversation will be casual and intimate and we’ll be there rolling cameras the entire time.

Our first episode’s topic is “Young CEOs” with guests Matt Rubinstein and Daniel Houghton. Matt and Daniel are unique in that both are CEOs in their mid-20s. Matt is CEO of Liveschool, an education tech startup (and finalist of the Wall Street Journal “Startup of the Year” award). Daniel is the CEO of Lonely Planet, a 40+ year old company and the largest publisher of travel guides in the world. Our first episode focused on the challenges and opportunities of being a young CEO.

I’ve posted a few samples from the episode below. Visit to view the entire episode.

Daniel Houghton talks about finding tech talent in Nashville, TN

Matt Rubinstein on why Nashville’s musical roots make it an ideal place to start a company

Daniel Houghton on what other young CEO he admires the most


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