Optimizing YouTube Descriptions (YouTube Tips #2)

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This short post is part of a series of posts on how to get the most out YouTube as a hosting/sharing platform. Note: Youtube may not be the best place to host your content. For more information on which hosting provider to use, read this post.

Video presents a unique challenge for search engines. Since video is both image and audio-driven, it’s very difficult for search engines to crawl and index. Because of this, google relies heavily on the text-based information surrounding the video to find out what the video is about. In the last post, I went over how to properly optimize the title of your YouTube video. In this post, I’ll go over some best practices for optimizing YouTube descriptions.

Use your keywords

The description field is the place where YouTube gives you the most space to insert your own text. Take full advantage of this, and use your keywords as well (you are using the keyword tool, right?) Another important thing to remember is that google only shows around  110 characters of the description field on a results page (shown below) so include your most important information in those first 110 characters.

Put your URL first

If you’re using YouTube for marketing then you probably want to eventually direct people away from YouTube and onto your site where you can sell directly to them and move them through your sales process.  YouTube only shows the first 3 lines of content in the description field by default, so you’ll want your URL at the very top to make sure viewers see it.

URL in YouTube description

Promote your other social channels

YouTube is very generous with the number of characters you can use in the description field. So why not take advantage of all that room? Use the description field to link up to your facebook page, twitter profile, instagram feed or any other social channel your organization uses. The added benefit is that when you get new followers by doing this, they’ll be more likely to watch future videos that you promote using social media.


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