10 Fresh Ideas For Promoting Your Video Online

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For any video marketing campaign to be effective, three things must be in place:

  • Good Strategy (What video should we make?)
  • Good Production (Faithfully executing on the strategy)
  • Good Promotion (Getting the right eyeballs on the video)

The truth is, if you only do the first two then you’re left with an amazing asset that is worth exactly $0 to you. A good video marketing campaign needs good promotion.

It can become routine to just create the video, upload to your website or maybe YouTube and then wait for the views to come in. That’s a decent start, but there’s so many other more creative ways to get your video in front of people.

Here are 10 fresh ideas for promoting your video online that you may not have thought of.

1. Create Quote Snippets For Social Media

Of course you should post the video itself to your social channels, but you can also create short “quote cards” designed to draw attention to an interesting part of the video. You can then use a service like to create a link to the full version of the video on your website.

Below is an example of what a quote card can look like. This is a quote card from a testimonial video with added color and design to make it stand out on the facebook news feed.

social media quote card

2. Place a Link in Your Email Signature

Most people send and receive email at least a dozen times a day. Why not use your email signature as a way to passively promote your video? Simply go into the settings of your email provider and add line of text underneath your contact information that entices people to click.

This can especially work well for large organizations with many employees. If every employee adds a link to the video in their email signature you can compound the effectiveness of this tactic.

3. Embed Your Video in a Quora Page

If you’re doing smart digital marketing you’re likely already creating content that is informational or educational. If your video answers a question that your customer might ask, Quora is a great place to share it. Quora is a “question engine” and is populated by users asking questions and experts providing answers.

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can use Quora to promote your video:

  1. Visit and create an account.
  2. Go to the search bar and type in a question that your content answers.
  3. If the question exists, go provide the best and most informative answer and then embed your video into the answer field

That’s it! As a bonus you can also use the other related questions that Quora gives you to come up with other pieces of informative and educational content for the future.

4. Run a Targeted AdWords Campaign

If your video is more product focused and aimed at an audience with a buying intent, then AdWords can serve as an effective method for driving traffic to your video. To run an effective AdWords campaign, you’ll want to create a unique landing page for the traffic you’re generating.

Your video will give you a high value conversation boost when you incorporate it into your AdWords landing page. And if  you’re using a video hosting provider like Wistia or VidYard you can track your engagement and make changes if necessary.

Wistia engagement graph

5. Share Natively on Linkedin

LinkedIn is making a huge push toward video. As of September 2017 all LinkedIn accounts have the ability to host video natively within the platform.

Here’s the great thing about LinkedIn video: It’s still new – which means it’s not saturated and overused yet. Now is the perfect time to start utilizing it for maximum reach and benefit.

As with email signatures, Linkedin can be a powerful multiplier if you can get your employees and co-workers to share the video to their accounts as well.

6. Ask your Partners to Share

Most organizations have partners that are good candidates for sharing content. Partners are anyone who is connected to your businesses in a beneficial and non-competitive way. Asking a trusted partner to share your video is one of the easiest ways to get it in front of new eyeballs.

This tactic is becoming very popular in the podcasting world where show hosts are inviting each other to be guests as a way to multiply both audiences. It’s classic business development, and it works. 

7. Optimize Your Video with Video SEO

If you’re using YouTube as a way to promote and distribute your video, you’ll want to optimize it for discoverability. There are several steps to proper YouTube optimizations. I’ve itemized the most important ones below with links on how to do them.

These are all items that should be on your to-do list when you publish a video to YouTube. Performing each of these tasks will help your video appear in “suggested videos” as well as climb the organic rankings for relevant keywords.

8. Ask Relevant Online Publications to Share

Every industry has online publications and independent bloggers that creative content for that niche. These publications are always looking for new content ideas, especially if they don’t have to actually create the content themselves. Reaching out to one of your industry’s publications and asking them to embed the video can create targeted and relevant views for your content.

To find relevant publications, just type your topic into google and see which online publications are already sharing similar content. Then reach out to tell them that you have a similar piece of content that would be helpful for their audience.

You can also use sites like Buzz Sumo to find out who is sharing similar content related to your industry on social media. You can then repeat the same process and reach out to them on social media and invite them to share your content as well.

9. Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

LinkedIn has a dead-simple way to create article-style content and share it with your connections on LinkedIn. It’s called LinkedIn Publishing. You can create headlines, text, upload pictures, and embed videos.

This is yet another way to distribute your content on linkedIn, which makes it ideal for B2B video content. The added bonus of LinkedIn Publishing s that if your content does well and gets good engagement, it has the potential to get featured

10. Run a YouTube Trueview Ad

When it comes to YouTube ads, most people think of pre-roll ads. But YouTube also has an ad type called Trueview Ads. Trueview Ads actually show up as search results and suggested videos. The Trueview format could be a good fit for young channels that don’t yet have a great organic reach. Trueview can get your video to the top of the pack in the same way that Adwords does for Google search.


Video is absolutely taking over the internet, and there are an ever growing number of outlets to get your video seen. This means you have an even greater amount of control as a marketer to get targeted and granular with your video promotion strategy. 

Steal, mix, and match these promotion tactics and make them your own.