Client Resource:

How to Look Great on Camera

Being on camera for your own video project can be nerve-wracking and maybe a bit scary. That’s completely normal.
We created this page in order to equip you to look and perform your very best once the cameras start rolling.

Clothing To Avoid

  • Tight Patterns – Very tight patterns tend to reproduce poorly on video and can create distracting¬†movements in the frame. Avoid tight patterns and go with solid colors or larger, less intricate patterns.
  • Clothing with Writing – Avoid clothing with any written message printed on it. This may distract the viewer away from what you’re saying.
  • Bright Colors – Avoid any brightly colored clothing (especially bright whites, reds, or oranges) These will jump off the frame too much and distract the viewer. Go with more neutral colors that aren’t overly bright or saturated.
  • Green Clothing (if we’re shooting green screen) – If we’re shooting against a green screen, avoid wearing anything green anywhere on your body, including ties and accessories
  • Reflective Jewelry – Avoid any bright reflective jewelry that may reflect our on-set lights and distract the viewer.

Relax, We Edit This Stuff

At various points, you may feel like your response was a little “off” or maybe you said something incorrectly.

Relax, we are very good at editing interviews and on-screen presentations. We’ll take what you say, use all the great parts, and take out the not-so-great parts. We’ve been doing this sort of thing for over 15 years. You’re in great hands.

We’ll also give you the opportunity to go back and re-answer if you’re not pleased with any answers you give, simply say “I don’t like that answer, I’m going to do it again”.. That’s completely fine. We’re here to help you give the best performance you can!