Conferences are a great opportunity for many companies to advance their business development and sales goals. They are places where you can learn the latest industry trends, meet industry leaders, and prospect for new clients and partners.

For many businesses, conferences are the #1 lead generation source.

Conferences are so important that many companies are going bigger and more elaborate in attempt to attract more attention.

  • Bigger and more expensive booth designs
  • Nicer swag items
  • Cocktail mixers
  • Custom apps

These are all fine tactics, but one thing companies sometimes miss is that conferences are a perfect opportunity to use video to make a splash during and after the event.

Here are 5 ways to use video to get outsized results at your next conference.

1. Interview Your Existing Clients

For many companies, conferences are the one time during the year where all of their customers are in one place at one time. This is a prime opportunity to get these customers in front of a camera and film as many customer testimonial videos as possible. The cost savings of doing this are obvious since you would otherwise need to fly these customers to you in order to film them.

If you properly plan, you can capture as many as 7-8 customer testimonial videos per day, giving you an arsenal of content for the next year or even longer.

You can even have your video company set up an ad-hoc “studio” using small conference rooms at the convention center or hotel.

Check out the example below. We completed this project for Xerox and brought in a nice backdrop and lighting which allowed us to turn an ugly conference room into a beautiful “studio” set.


2. Utilize Video at Your Booth

One of the easiest ways to stand out at your conference booth is to bring along a large screen TV and display high quality content. You can produce a 2-3 minute animated loop that showcases your product or service or you can include previously filmed customer story videos.

If you do decide to produce video for your booth, be aware that your audience will likely not be able to hear the audio, especially if your booth is on a noisy trade show floor. Use graphics and on screen text to communicate. If the video includes an on-camera presenter, use closed captions so the audience can receive your message.

3. Interview Industry Leaders

Most conferences are attended by industry thought-leaders and speakers. Why not schedule interviews with them and capture their thoughts and perspective. You can then re-package that content and use it for your content marketing efforts.

Below is a great example from Digital Marketer.

If you or someone from your company is delivering a presentation or workshop, even better. Capturing the presentation and promoting it on your digital channels will reinforce your company as a thought-leader in the industry.

4. Live Stream Your Content

Facebook video is big, and Facebook Live is even bigger. As of 2017, Facebook is highly favoring live video in the news feed and giving it a boost in reach over other forms of content. Take advantage of this and “go live” at your next conference!

Live video doesn’t have to be super high quality or highly produced. It can be as simple as flagging down an industry leader and going live with your iPhone by asking 2-3 questions about topics relevant to the conference.

5. Use Geo-Targeted Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads are the most powerful ad targeting platform on the internet. One of the ways you can target a Facebook ad is by geography. Since all conference-goers are in the same location, geo-targeting allows you to target your perspective customers in ways that previously would have been very difficult or very expensive.

The map below is from the geo-targeting section of Facebook’s ad builder. It’s set up to target everyone within a 1 mile radius of Music City Center, one of Nashville’s most popular Convention Centers.

Facebook geo targeting

In this instance it’s also a good idea to also target mobile phone users only since conference attendees are mostly on the go and using their mobile phones to surf Facebook.

After you set up your geo-targeting you can either run awareness or brand ads, or you can run video ads from your booth inviting conference goers to come visit.


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